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Mann-made Pictures and Two Doors Down present ARCTIC VOID (Level 33 Entertainment), a feature sci-fi thriller. It was shot by 16 people in 16 days on the Svalbard archipelago, only 350 miles from the North Pole. It is the northern most narrative film ever made. The elements make the rules in Svalbard. Day 9 of our shoot was so cold that the camera literally just quit. It is a place so Arctic that the Northern Lights are actually south and shooting exteriors requires armed protection from Polar Bears. Set in Pyramiden, an abandoned coal mining town from the Soviet era that’s now a bucket list tourist attraction, our crew was housed in the one building that had power, The Tulip Hotel. Proudly offering “Old Soviet Charm” (READ: a rickety twin bed and lukewarm water), the menu featured Borscht, Minke Whale, Seal Steak and Reindeer Fillets. Our time on Svalbard was epic in the truest sense of the word: a once-in-a-lifetime experience telling a story in a bleak and beautiful place on top of the world. We hope you enjoy the film!

“Arctic Void‘s low-key subtlety only serves to amplify the characters’ dawning horror as the nature of their plight is finally revealed. Chilling  – 9 Out of 10  –

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Directed/Written (Story) by:  Darren R. Mann

Screenplay by:  Michael Weaver

Produced by:  Grant Myers, Michael Weaver

Distributed by:  Level 33 Entertainment

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