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FighF*ckPray – Official Trailer

REVIEWS:  Hidden Films

Directed by:  Dan Bush, Darren R. Mann, Christina Kline

Shot in a Dogme 95 style with entirely improvised dialogue (a la John Cassavetes), FightF*ckPray is the story of seven individuals whose lives intensely intersect at a party on New Year’s Eve. Walker, Cass and Ethan are everything male. It’s Walker’s first day out of jail and this inseparable, charged trio plans to celebrate in style – drinks, drugs and animal intensity. Rebecca returns home to find her husband dead on the floor, and she deals with the loss in her own bizarre way. Ben is a hermit, but his cousin Ringo insists he must go to a New Year’s Eve party and come out of his shell. Meanwhile Kate, unhappily engaged and yet feeling her biological clock ticking, reaches a crisis point in her life that maybe only someone like Ben can understand. As the characters meet through tragedy, comedy and violence, bits and pieces of their personal drives and purposes are revealed. At the end of the night, they come out bruised, self-aware, exhausted, and with their lives changed forever.

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